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Final Fantasy 14’s Behemoth invades Monster Hunter: World next month

New armor, new weapons and new Poogie skins for everyone

At E3 2018, a crossover event between Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy 14 was announced. Capcom recently revealed a new trailer for Monster Hunter: World’s side of the equation, complete with a Behemoth that players can hunt. Today’s trailer also confirmed that the new content will come to the game as a free update on Aug. 1.

The trailer reveals quite a bit about the event, and includes plenty of references to Final Fantasy-related enemies, items and NPCs. The star of the show is Behemoth, one of Final Fantasy’s most recognizable recurring monsters. Players are shown fighting Behemoth in the Elder’s Recess, the end-game location where most Elder Dragons are found.

The first thing players will notice about Behemoth is that it’s extremely large, with most hunter’s heads reaching about the middle of its knees. As far as attacks, the beast boasts its signature meteor attacks as well as traditional claw swipes found with most monsters. Toward the end of the trailer, you can see Behemoth summon a massive meteor that crashes into the earth — destroying everything in sight.

Far more important than the beast itself is the armor and weapons you can craft from its hide. While we haven’t gotten a look at the perks yet, the armor and weapons look to be completely new — rather than the strange combination weapons of Lunastra or Kulve Taroth. The sets themselves are gorgeous, and look to be modeled after the Dragoon class of FF14. The update will include the Drachen armor set, the Gae Bolg insect glaive and the Dragoon-inspired Dragon Soul Kinsect.

As far as other content, the trailer shows off a Moogle armor set for players’ Palico and some Cactuars, which are scattered around the world and will wander into fights. If they choose to engage, they’ll spray spines everywhere, making hunting beasts even harder than normal.

The trailer also shows a Kulu-Ya-Ku up to no good with a crystal. After staring deep into the shiny rock, the Kulu-Ya-Ku grows to a much larger size. It also carries around its crystal benefactor in battle, much like it would a rock on other occasions. This will presumably be a limited-time event quest during the Final Fantasy crossover event.

It’s currently unclear how limited any of this Final Fantasy content will be, or if players will be able to regularly fight Behemoth once the event is over. Players should be able to find out more when the update hits on Aug. 1. PC players will get access to this event at a later date, some time after the Windows PC version of Monster Hunter: World releases on Aug. 9.

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