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Kalypso picks up the Commandos tactics series, promises to bring it back with new games

Hasn’t published since 2006; remasters also likely

commandos strike force cover Pyro Games

The Commandos series of real-time tactics games has been acquired by Kalypso Media Group, the publisher of the Tropico series. Kalypso promises to develop new games with the IP it now owns.

The acquisition, fro Pyro Studios, also delivers the Praetorians and Imperial Glory franchises to Kalypso. None of these series have published since 2006 (Commandos: Strike Force; Imperial Glory published in 2005 and Praetorians launched in 2003).

In a statement, Kalypso’s founder and global managing director, Simon Hellwig, promised “the development of completely new games for all platforms,” as well as “an extensive adaptation of the existing titles for contemporary technologies and platforms,” meaning remasters of the old ones are likely.

Ignacio Perez, the founder of Pyro Studios, said that his studio had been “looking for a suitable partner for the continuation of our products and brands for a long time.

“Kalypso has great expertise and experience with rebooting well-known titles, and we are delighted to have our IP in such good hands,” he said.

Kalypso Media is known for Tropico, whose latest game, Tropico 6, will launch later this year, as well as the Dungeons franchise, which saw Dungeons 3 last fall. It also publishes the Sudden Strike real-time tactics series, which it acquired from Fireglow Games and published Sudden Strike 4 last year after a 10-year hiatus.

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