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Monster Hunter: World comes to Final Fantasy 14 on Aug. 7

Here’s Square Enix’s side of the crossover event

Capcom and Square Enix are bringing the worlds of Final Fantasy 14 and Monster Hunter: World together this summer, with monsters, characters and items crossing over between games. Last week, Capcom detailed when and how Final Fantasy will come to the latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise — now it’s Square Enix’s turn.

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood players will get access to Monster Hunter: World-inspired content on Aug. 7, when the legendary monster Rathalos invades the Final Fantasy MMO. Players will be able to take on Rathalos in a trial named “The Great Hunt,” which will come in normal (for up to eight players) and extreme (just four players) versions.

The Monster Hunter: World-Final Fantasy 14 crossover content will arrive as part of the MMO’s patch 4.36 update. Only players who have reached level 70 and have completed the Stormblood expansion’s main scenario quest will be able to take on Rathalos.

The crossover will also give Final Fantasy 14 players access to near gear and cosmetics, including a new Rathalos-inspired armor set, Poogie and Palico minions, a Rathalos mount and a barbecue spit.

Monster Hunter: World’s half of the crossover event, which includes a Behemoth monster and Dragoon-inspired gear, will come to that game on Aug. 1. A week later, the Windows PC version of Monster Hunter: World will come to Steam.

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood is available now for Mac, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

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