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Tales from this year’s Pokémon Go Fest

Bagging Pikachus in the Windy City, on the latest episode of Quality Control

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Pokemon Go Michael McWhertor/Polygon

In each episode of Quality Control, a Polygon writer talks to a critic about a new game, movie or piece of gear. In this week’s special episode, Charlie Hall invited Polygon’s Allegra Frank who is just back from Chicago where she attended the second Pokémon Go Fest held in that city.

Last year, Chicago was the scene of Pokémon Go’s first major event to be held in the United States. From the sound of it, just about everything went wrong. From overloaded cell towers to faulty servers to an impressive heat wave, it an unmitigated disaster. In addition to refunding tickets and handing out freebies to attendees, developer Niantic was also on the hook for an additional $1.58 million, thanks to a class-action lawsuit.

Thankfully, things went much better this time.

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