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How to recreate Fortnite’s giant emote bug

It’s time to attack our enemies with giant guitars

Fortnite is a pretty stable game for something that adds new features, weapons and items on a regular basis. Everything tends to work as its supposed to, despite the breakneck pace of development. That makes the latest glitch even more noteworthy, especially since it’s both harmless and delightful.

Here’s what you have to do to find the bug: Jump into an All-Terrain Kart, begin an emote and then switch seats. The emote becomes huge. You can watch a more detailed video for how exactly to pull it off at the top of this post.

You can also see another instance of the glitch in action in the embedded video below. And yes, other players can see the glitch in action, which means that you can terrorize your enemies by driving at them as fast as possible with a giant bucket of popcorn or a giant guitar. Sadly, the red card emote doesn’t seem to spawn a giant red card.

Players on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit seem to want the glitch to become a permanent part of the game, but it’s likely to get patched out fairly quickly. Enjoy the anarchy until then, complete with fuzzy models for items that were never supposed to be blown up to the size of small buildings.

Even Fortnite’s bugs are wholesome, it turns out.

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