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Nintendo eShop update includes a floppy party game and a new way to try a 2017 fave

Mega Man X is the biggest name here, but we’re more pumped to join the Sausage Sports Club

sausage sports club art Luckshot Games/Chros Wade

Nintendo Switch eShop big headliners are a pair of Mega Man compilations, which make the entire Mega Man X series available on the console. If you’re into Mega Man X, you know what you’re getting into with these, and you should be happy to have all eight games available on the handheld console.

What makes these weekly updates interesting is that the recognizable titles aren’t always the ones to get excited about. Catching our eyes this week are two indies that we’ve either heralded or anticipated since last summer, each one the polar opposite of the other: Sausage Sports Club is a new game that combines extremely cute animals with floppy physics, while Lost Phones Stories is a repackaging of two of last year’s most acclaimed text adventures.

We first saw Sausage Sports Club as part of a summer Nindies presentation that Nintendo aired just ahead of PAX West 2017. Then promised for a fall 2017 release, Sausage Sports Club looked like a very cute take on physics-based games like Human: Fall Flat and Octodad, with some multiplayer minigames thrown in. Eight people can compete in arbitrarily difficult versions of sumo wrestling and capture the flag in the free play mode, while a story mode lets four people become the spineless, animal competitors on a sports-based reality show. Just watching the game in action is fun, especially if you’re easily amused by dogs in sunglasses.

In the exact opposite direction is Lost Phones Stories. We’ve talked about the Lost Phone games before, so you may already know that each one — A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone — plays on our voyeuristic curiosity about other people’s smartphones and turns it into an emotionally complicated adventure. With themes like identity and domestic abuse at the forefront, these aren’t the breeziest games to get through. But they both make smart use of a faux phone interface to create a handheld experience still unlike most others we’ve encountered. Plus, they don’t take long, so that Lost Phones Stories contains the two together at a discount is a plus.

Maybe one of these will be your Mega Man X Legacy Collection break, or maybe they’ll command more of your attention than those Capcom classics. There’s several other games out now through July 24, so peep the list below.

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