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The San Diego Comic-Con exclusives you can already order online

You don’t have to go to California to spend all your money on toys

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Walking the show floor at San Diego Comic-Con is just about the closest you can get to the feeling you had walking the aisles of Toys R Us as a kid. (Rest In Peace, Toys R Us.) It’s a feeling of pure, overwhelming possibility. The difference is: you’re an adult now and instead of an allowance, you have an actual income. The only thing standing between you and that perfect toy is your own financial conscience (and possibly hundreds of other people waiting in line).

Every year, toy manufactures join the ranks of comic book publishers and production companies to reveal exclusive collectibles that are only available to Comic-Con attendees. Others have exclusive first runs of new toys on sale at their Comic-Con booths. In years past, they’ve included exclusive Lego sets, limited-edition miniatures and lots and lots of Funko Pops.

If you weren’t able to make it out to San Diego this year, you’re not out of luck. There are a few Comic-Con exclusives available online for preorder that will ship after the Con wraps up on Sunday.

Rick and Morty, Conan O’Brien and The Last Unicorn


Most of ThinkGeek’s Comic-Con exclusives are available to order on their website right now, and some of them have even sold out already (including the frankly awful Pickle Rick sleeping bag, though it’ll apparently be back in stock on Friday). You can still find some fun collectibles though. I’m very into the Last Unicorn statue. And there are not one, but three Conan O’Brien Funko Pops for sale.

Lego Voltron


The Lego booth always has some pretty sweet true exclusives that after the Con can only be found marked up on eBay. This year is no exception — the Lego Cowboy Deadpool will probably never be available from an official retailer. You’ll soon be able to order the massive fan-created Voltron, though. It’s the largest buildable Lego mech ever, according to Lego’s website.

The Lego Voltron figure will go on sale for Lego VIP members on July 23 and to everyone else on August 1. It will retail for $179.99 and consists of 2,321 individual bricks.

Cereal Monsters Geeki Tikis

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth has a handful of their Comic-Con exclusives available for preorder on their website, but my favorite of that group is the collection of Geeki Tiki mugs based on classic cereal mascots who also happen to be monsters.

A set of Boo-Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula mugs is up for preorder for $60. Note that Entertainment Earth will only ship preorders if there is stock remaining after the Con.

Laughing Prince Adam


By far my favorite exclusive at this year’s Comic-Con is the “Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull - Laughing Prince Adam” figure from Super7. It’s based on the strange, wonderful video of He Man’s alter-ego Prince Adam singing “What’s Going On” by Four Non Blondes that became a meme and made Prince Adam an official gay icon.

The laughing Prince Adam is available for preorder for $35 through July 22. Super7 will only manufacture as many figures as they receive orders for. They expect to ship in October.

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