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SDCC trailer for George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers is blistering sci-fi horror

There’s something on board this ship...

“This is a warning ... do not bring the Nightflyer back to Earth.”

Give Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin all the flack you want for not finishing The Winds of Winter — it’s not like he’s spent his career sitting around twiddling his thumbs.

Case in point: an array of science-fiction literature produced in the ’80s and ’90s, including Nightflyers, a 1980 novella that shares a universe with Dying of the Light, Sandkings, A Song for Lya and the Tuf Voyaging collection. See, you have so much to read!

If poring over Martin’s back catalogue isn’t your thing (but complaining about the next Thrones book is?), you’re in luck: SyFy has commissioned a series version of Nightflyers that’s coming to the network with higher production value than your typical Sharknado sequel. The trailer above, which looks creepy as hell, debuted at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday evening, but is now available for your spine-tingling pleasure.

The original Nightflyers novella finds a group of humans on the far reaches of space investigating the “volcryn,” a mysterious alien race that might be the answer to their dying planet. But there’s a twist: their ship, the Nightflyer, is ... sentient? The SyFy series is apparently closer in tone and subject to the 1987 adaptation of the novella, although who knows where the series could go in the end. With a tone that’s part-Solaris, part-Event Horizon, and part-Alien, the possibilities seem open ended.

Eoin Macken, Gretchen Mol, David Ajala, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Angus Sampson will star in the series, which is set to debut in the fall.

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