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Mario Tennis Aces’ worst character wins tournament in nail-biting match

Small Toad, big dreams

While Mario Tennis Aces has dazzled players with its wonderful roster of characters, there will always be a character that’s just not that great compared to the rest of the lineup. That character is Toad, while cute and fearless, just isn’t a great character to main while playing Mario Tennis. He’s widely considered to be the worst character in the game and winning while playing him is just really hard.

But one YouTuber decided to prove Toad naysayers wrong.

Many have doubted Toad’s tennis ability, but in a harrowing tournament Quizzle gives Toad another chance at redemption. With plenty of trick shots and near misses, Toad takes on his challengers in this heroic attempt to show the world that yes, he can play tennis. It’s not an easy feat for the player either and Quizzle finds some satisfaction in beating his competitors while playing as the worst character in the game.

“These wins mean so much more when I’m not Bowser Junior!” he says after the second victory.

The last match against fan favorite Waluigi is particularly intense.

“I don’t know how the heck I’m winning...but I am,” Quizzle says in the middle of the match.

It’s a match worthy of World Cup levels of excitement. The resident underdog proves the whole world wrong and achieves sweet, sweet victory.

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