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Devotion is a Taiwanese psychological horror game about religion

‘Be careful what you pray for...’

The studio behind the side-scrolling horror game Detention released a teaser for its upcoming project, Devotion. A throwback to 1980s commercialism and gaudy talk show days blares right from the start of the video, before slowly panning outwards to an abandoned apartment.

The story centers around a religious Taiwanese family of three that used to live in an old apartment complex. It’s since been abandoned, and you’ll have to solve puzzles and explore haunted parts of the space to find out more about the family and what happened to them.

Red Candle Games

In terms of gameplay, Devotion seems to follow suit with that of Detention — solving puzzles to unravel mysteries, dive deeper into memories, psyches. The latter took place in 1960s Taiwan, specifically the White Terror period, and intertwined heavy political strife with domestic stress in its storytelling. Red Candle leans away from traditional horror elements like pop-up scares or excessive gore. Rather, it specializes in translating horror through a journey more like Alice in Wonderland than anything else. Like Detention, the anxiety and dread seem to be thickly nestled in the absence of people in the space.

The studio jumps from 2D to 3D this time around, promising a first-person puzzle and adventure experience. Release date and supported platforms have yet to be announced.