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Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! teaser shows not much has changed

Zim’s return to television after a half-decade keeps the humor and the weirdness

Invader Zim is coming back to Nickelodeon with a 90-minute special, Enter the Florpus!, and its first teaser looks much like the classic cartoon as we remember it. The cast and crew of the sci-fi comedy premiered the footage at the end of the film’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, and you can watch it above now.

Enter the Florpus! reunites fans with characters like Zim, the alien invader whose quest to conquer Earth is tripped up by his own stupidity; Dib, his mystery-obsessed classmate and arch-nemesis; and the extremely dumb and extremely adorable Gir, obviously. All three of them appear in the teaser, with slightly updated appearances to account for all the time that’s passed.

Details on what will follow are light, but Nickelodeon’s brief synopsis suggests that Dib takes advantage of Zim when he’s on the down-and-out, having just found out that the Almighty Tallest — his assigning officers from back home, the guys who sent him to invade Earth in the first place — aren’t actually planning on stopping by to see his hard work.

The teaser runs nearly three minutes, but there’s no dialogue attached to it. Instead, expect a montage of scenes where Zim and Gir check in with the Tallest, exercise in their front yard and make a gigantic mess all over the place. Dib gets serious about investigating Zim and proving to the world that he’s an alien, while his disaffected sister Gaz shows up both to rock out on her guitar and help Dib out.

It’s a lot of footage that we just wish we could make more sense of. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until San Diego Comic-Con 2019 for another look at the TV special. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! remains undated.

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