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New trailer for Venture Bros. season 7 promises more ridiculousness

No one really know what’s going on here

The Venture Bros.’ return to Adult Swim is just a few weeks away, and the network celebrated today with a new trailer that promises more zany shenanigans and way more David Bowie.

The trailer is part of the network’s San Diego Comic-Con push and, as seen above, is difficult to parse — but in the best way possible. The Venture Bros.’ fans will understand that, like anything to do with Adult Swim’s beloved series, the best way to enjoy the show is to sit back, and let everything wash over you.

Set to David Bowie’s “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), the trailer is under two-minutes long, but it’s exactly what we wanted out of it. There’s even a brief look at what’s in store for Hank, our favorite, lovable gullible boy who looks like he’s finally going to get a win.

The Venture Bros.’ seventh season, which people have been waiting for since 2016, will premiere on August 5.

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