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Steven Universe movie announcement, teaser surprises at SDCC

Your first glimpse at an even bigger story for the gems

The finale of Steven Universe’s “Heart of the Crystal Gems” arc saw an epic battle, a beautiful wedding, and — and we don’t use this phrase lightly — all the feels. But where would the show go from there?

While fans anticipated a reveal of the legendary White Diamond, what they got was more unexpected: a movie announcement.

Steven Universe: The Movie is coming to Cartoon Network, series creator Rebecca Sugar revealed at her San Diego Comic-Con panel. Zach Callison, Estelle, Michaela Dietz, Shelby Rabara, and Deedee Magno Hall joined her for the announcement, but few other details were revealed. What we did get was a teaser, above, that we’ll be scrutinizing for weeks.

The footage shows a heart crystal spinning in a most ominous fashion, showcasing the main trio of gems and Steven. Then there’s a more nefarious presence, hidden in the shadows, begging for Reddit to debate until the release date.

Cartoon Network did not reveal a release date for Steven Universe: The Movie, so be patient, and savor this clip.

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