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No Man’s Sky is discounted on PC and PS4, just in time for the Next update

The game is half off at GameStop and the PlayStation Store

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No Man’s Sky screenshot Hello Games

No Man’s Sky, the action-adventure survival game from indie developer Hello Games, is getting an an Xbox One release today as well as a content update. Titled “Next”, the free patch adds fully developed multiplayer to the game. Just in time for the new gameplay, a No Man’s Sky PC download is on sale at GameStop for $29.99 (usually $59.99).

There was a lot of hype surrounding the original release that No Man’s Sky couldn’t possibly live up to. In Polygon’s review of the 2016 game, we noted that Hello Games seemed to focus more on making beautiful and groundbreaking tools than on developing compelling gameplay. This update will hopefully improve interactions within the impressive procedurally generated universe.

If you haven’t yet played No Man’s Sky because you were put off by the limited gameplay, now’s the time to jump in, especially if you’re looking for an open world multiplayer game. Think of it as a much, much bigger Minecraft with weird looking aliens instead of creepers and zombies.

A No Man’s Sky PC download is half off at GameStop, while PS4 owners can pick up a physical copy for $19.97. The new Xbox One release is listed at $49.99.

Update: Similar deals are cropping up on other retailers as we wait for the patch to update. A PC download at Green Man Gaming is on sale for $25.47; PS4 copies at the PlayStation store are $29.99 ($26.99 with PS Plus).

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