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Lucky Pokémon are finally out in Pokémon Go

Some players feel that this was a premature announcement

Pokemon Go Michael McWhertor/Polygon

Update: According to the Pokémon Go Twitter, Lucky Pokémon are officially out in the game. This time it’s for real, folks.

The original story follows below.

Original story: A new type of Pokémon — Lucky Pokémon — were announced for Pokémon Go yesterday. They were first hinted at in a picture tweeted by the official Pokémon Go account, then revealed further in patch notes, a blog post and even in-game notifications. But for all the information rolled out about the new feature, Niantic forgot to mention one thing: Lucky Pokémon aren’t actually in the game yet.

Though there’s no indication in the announcements about when Lucky Pokémon were supposed to go live, the information made many players think that they were currently available in the game.

The official Pokémon Go Twitter later clarified that, contrary to information that was pushed out, Lucky Pokémon are not yet available. Instead, they will become obtainable once all users have updated their Pokémon Go games.

According to the initial blog post, Pokémon that are traded have a chance of becoming sparkly Lucky Pokémon, which need less Stardust to power up. The longer a Pokémon has been in a trainer’s storage, the greater the chance of it becoming Lucky is.

Across social media, players are saying that this was poor communication and premature announcement on Niantic’s part that led them to believe the feature was already live. They read the blog post and in-game notifications, then eagerly started to trade their older Pokémon, only to realize that no one was getting lucky. With the announcement that the feature hasn’t actually rolled out yet, many feel like they wasted some of their older Pokémon trying to get the special version that they believed already existed.

There’s still no definite date on when the feature will roll out, but players are hoping that this time, Niantic will be clear about what’s available in the game. When reached for a statement, Niantic referred us to its blog post which indicates the feature will be available “soon.”

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