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Nintendo Switch gets the Wii Sports-style game we’ve been missing this week

This week’s eShop update also adds some maybe-sexy games

Go Vacation screenshot of horse racing Bandai Namco/Nintendo

Nintendo Switch is lucky to get at least a few new, interesting games each week, and this week illustrates that those games also run the real gamut of genres. While an obvious callout goes to Go Vacation, the closest thing Switch has to a Wii Sports collection, there’s also some super family-inappropriate games out alongside it.

Go Vacation was a minor hit when it launched on the Wii way back in 2011. Although the Wii Sports games certainly held the crown for the console’s most popular competitive mini-game collections, the response to Go Vacation’s unexpected Switch port suggests it also developed a big fanbase.

It’s composed of more than 50 different sports and outdoor activities, from ice fishing to inline skating — a much wider swath than anything Wii Sports ever offered. With a variety of island resorts to visit and local four-player, splitscreen multiplayer, Go Vacation sounds like the kind of party game the Switch has been needing since launch.

And now for something completely different: Remember that game Pure / Electric Love that made its way onto the U.S. eShop in June? If you don’t, it may be because you don’t love sexting with erotic cosplayers through your video game consoles. No judgment if that’s your thing, of course! Owners will be happy to know that there are now two additional girls to flirt with. Pure / Electric Love’s “Everyone else!” — Ema Sakura — and “Look at my eyes!” — Moe Yamauchi — updates gives us the extra dating options we probably deserve.

The rest of the list is all over the place, as per usual. Check the whole thing out below.

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