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No Man’s Sky save glitch is already fixed, but learn how to protect yourself today

The fix already exists, just be careful

Hello Games via Twitter

Some No Man’s Sky players are having issues with their saved games after the latest update, but it looks like the problem has already been fixed. In the short term, however, be careful if you run into this bug.

“A whole bunch of people, including myself, have run into a bug in Next that prevents you from loading an existing save file. Instead of putting you back into the game at the point you saved, the game simply restarts you on a new planet with the ‘Initializing’ white screen,” a player wrote on Reddit.

“Reloading does nothing,” they said. “The game shows the save time and the time played, but it simply loads to a new planet every time you try to load it.” The rest of the thread details possible fixes for the issue, but they may not be necessary.

The good news is that two updates have already been pushed to the experimental branch of the game on Steam, and these should fix the issues for most players.

“Fixed an issue where players who saved after partially repairing some items of technology would be unable to load that savegame,” Hello Games wrote in the patch notes. “Please note that if the game has not been resaved, then progress has not been lost and will be recovered.”

The patch will give live for all PC players “soon,” according to a tweet from Hello Games.

For now, update the game as soon as possible, don’t resave your game if you run into this issue and be careful if you have partially repaired parts.

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