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Destiny 2: Forsaken trailer shows 10 new exotics in action

Titans can now reflect rockets, in case Barricade wasn’t enough

Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken today, featuring some of the weapons and armor that players can earn in the new expansion. The trailer details seven new weapons and three pieces of exotic armor, one per class.

While some of these exotics have been seen in trailers, like the Two-Tailed Fox rocket launcher, others are being revealed for the first time.

The trailer starts out with the Two-Tailed Fox, which fires two rockets simultaneously — one solar, one void. The Trinity Ghoul exotic bow is next, and is another weapon we’ve seen quite a bit of, one where precision kills cause your next arrow to arc electricity between enemies.

Malfeasance is the first new weapon we see. While we’ve seen the silhouette before, this is the first time the perk has been revealed. After five hits with the hand cannon, the projectiles will explode on target, dealing damage in an area. This hand cannon is reminiscent of Halo’s infamous Needler. The Black Talon sword is another one we’ve frequently seen in trailers. This sword operates normally, but can also fire off a damage-dealing projectile.

One Thousand Voices is a brand-new trace rifle that looks Scorn-themed. This weapon leaves a trail of explosive fire where it shoots. Wish-Ender is a brand-new exotic bow which allows players to see through walls and pierce targets with the massive arrow — which is used to great effect in the trailer.

The Titan exotic, Antaeus Wards, allows players to slide and reflect projectiles back at their source. The gameplay video shows a Titan sliding into a rocket in Crucible, turning the Hunter who originally fired it into dust.

The Sixth Coyote is the Hunter armor shown off in the trailer. It allows the Hunter to use dodge twice, which gives them the opportunity to dodge a rocket before dodging again to earn a sword double kill.

Chromatic Fire brings elemental effects back to the kinetic slot for Warlocks. A headshot with a kinetic weapon will now generate an elemental explosion around the target. This is the only way we know of to deal any kind of elemental damage with kinetic weapons, and is presumably based on the Warlock’s subclass.

Aside from these exotics, the sizzle reel at the end reveals even more weapons that are currently unknown to players. There are Hive rune-infused shotguns, electric Titan boots and all sorts of other exciting gear options shown.

At the end of the trailer, we get a true look at Ace of Spades, Cayde-6’s hand cannon. Reloading after a kill will grant bonus damage to the next magazine. While similar to the legendary perk Kill Clip, Ace of Spades reloads very quickly and seems to deal quite a bit of damage on its own.

We’ll have to wait and see what other perks make Ace of Spades special — and how we wrestle it back from Prince Uldren — when Forsaken is released on Sept. 4 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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