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WarioWare Gold makes the best use of your amiibo collection

Wario’s sketching skills might be the best part of the game


WarioWare Gold is coming to Nintendo 3DS on Aug. 3, marking the first time the beloved troublemaker’s minigames have made it onto the handheld. While the game boasts over 300 microgames and a story mode, one of the game’s most interesting features will breathe new life into your amiibo collection.

Throughout your time with the game, you’ll earn coins that you can spend to randomly unlock a series of interactive toys, minigames, pieces of Nintendo history and more. One of those “toys” is a mode called “Wario’s amiibo Sketch” and it’s an absolutely wonderful and silly use for amiibo.

Once you’re in Wario’s studio, he’ll ask you to give him something to draw, in this case, an amiibo.

Wario in his art studio
Wario in his art studio
Nintendo via Polygon

By using the NFC reader on the 3DS, Wario will know which amiibo you’ve scanned and will make a unique drawing for each. Here in the Polygon office, we have a whole host of figures including classic Mario characters, the Breath of the Wild collection and Pokémon. While I haven’t tested every amiibo that has ever existed, I threw a few of the more obscure figures at Wario — and he’s drawn every single one. Here’s a gallery of what he’s made for me.

The most charming aspect of this feature is just how goofy and bad each drawing is. Considering there are over 150 amiibo, it’s no surprise that the drawings wouldn’t be of the highest caliber. It’s even better that these goofy drawings just seem to be so in line with what you’d expect of Wario’s actual artistic talent.

Of course, when you scan a Wario amiibo, he goes all out.

Of course Wario’s sketch is just fantastic
Nintendo via Polygon

Sadly, you can only scan three amiibo per day because you’re rewarded gold based on the rarity of your amiibo. So, if you have a large collection and want to see all the sketches, you’ll either have to be very patient or change your 3DS system’s internal clock a whole bunch to get through them all.

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