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Destiny’s Grimoire will be printed in book form this fall

The lore of Destiny, now on your bookshelf

The cover art for Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1: Dark Mirror. Bungie
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The original Destiny received no shortage of criticism for its story, namely that some of the most interesting parts of its narrative weren’t actually in the game itself, but tucked away in unlockable lore dumps called the Grimoire. Those Grimoire entries could be read online, but for many players, that wasn’t the ideal delivery mechanism for Destiny’s expansive lore.

Now, Destiny’s Grimoire is coming in book form, an anthology series that will kick off this fall.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1: Dark Mirror will include 128 pages of Destiny lore in a slick, hardcover package. The compendium of Grimoire entries will weave together “tales from multiple sources together for the first time, casting new light on Destiny’s most legendary heroes, infamous villains, and their greatest moments of triumph and tragedy,” according to the book’s official description.

A shot of the interior pages of Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1: Dark Mirror.
Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1: Dark Mirror

Each volume of the Grimoire anthology aims to “illuminate a facet of the world,” Bungie says, and offer “new and differing perspectives on the cosmic war that rages between the Traveler and its ancient enemies.”

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1: Dark Mirror will be released in English this fall, with versions in other languages to follow. Bungie is currently taking pre-orders for the first volume on its official store. The book costs $24.99 and will include an exclusive in-game Destiny 2 emblem (“Codex Doctrinae”).

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