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New Nintendo Labo kit is all about vehicles

Toy-Con car, submarine and plane kits coming to Nintendo Switch


Nintendo will release a new kit in its Nintendo Labo line of cardboard creations this September. The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit will add cardboard-based controllers for a car, submarine and plane to the lineup of Toy-Cons that Nintendo fans can build and play with on Switch.

Also included in the Vehicle Kit will be a Toy-Con pedal and a pair of Toy-Con keys that players can assemble. With the second key, “players can even invite a co-pilot along on their in-game journey,” Nintendo said in a press release.

Each of the three vehicle kit Toy-Cons will feature its own controls and special moves, Nintendo said. The Toy-Con car steering wheel will include a cord that players can pull to pop a wheelie, while the Toy-Con submarine controller will include a button that players can press to launch a grappling hook.

You can see the Vehicle Kit in action, including some special moves for the Toy-Con car that involve a buzzsaw and a bomb-tossing arm, in a new video released by Nintendo today:

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit will be released on Sept. 14, and will cost $69.99, the same price as the previously released Variety Kit.

Nintendo launched its Labo line in April with the Variety Kit and Robot Kit. Nintendo also released a creative software suite known as Toy-Con Garage at launch that allowed Nintendo Switch owners to create and program their own DIY Toy-Con creations.

For a closer look at the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit, check out product photos of the Toy-Cons in the gallery below.

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