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Get your Spock on with these Vulcan earbuds, now at ThinkGeek

Set phasers to Spotify

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Mister Spock has an iconic style that was well ahead of its time. He was rocking blunt bangs well before Zooey Deschanel was doing her adorkable thing, and thick dark eyebrows are back in style. And maybe the next trend in headphones will be Spock-inspired as well.

ThinkGeek is now selling wireless earbuds modeled after the pointed Vulcan ears of everyone’s favorite science officer. These aren’t a cheap novelty stocking stuffer though; these wireless Vulcan earbuds are made by an officially licensed cosplay and collectibles company, Anovos.

Wireless Vulcan earbuds, $39.99

The rubber ears are color-matched to Leonard Nimoy’s original Vulcan makeup, which means they definitely won’t match most human skin tones. They’re probably better suited for cosplay than casual use, but we won’t judge if you want to rock Vulcan ears at the gym. In addition to the rubber ear tips, the earbuds include an in-line microphone and a button to answer calls and control your music (if you don’t want to go all out and invest in a Star Trek communicator, that is.)

Anovos also lists the wireless Spock earbuds on their site for $45, but ThinkGeek is selling them for $5 less at $39.99.

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