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Battlefield 5’s big new multiplayer mode will arrive with the main game at launch (update)

Grand Operations will be playable on day one

Battlefield 5 - two fighter planes flying over snowy mountains Electronic Arts
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Update: A representative from EA reached out to note that the blog post in question referenced outdated information. It has since been corrected to indicate that Grand Operations will be available at the launch of Battlefield 5.

Battlefield V Grand Operations is an experience that will be playable at launch and as part of Tides of War,” said the representative in a statement. “As we are still in development of the game, things change and what we disclosed in a blog that we released at EA Play, when we revealed Grand Operations, has been updated to reflect that.”

Original Story: Battlefield 5 is set to include several new multiplayer game modes, but one marquee feature won’t be arriving on launch day. In a new blog post, developer DICE has indicated that Grand Operations — multi-stage, 64-player engagements — will not arrive on day one.

“Grand Operations is the ultimate multiplayer experience,” DICE said, “designed to seamlessly showcase the maps and modes of Battlefield 5. Each Grand Operation presents a powerful narrative experience inspired by historical events. Shortly after launch, you will be able to take part in the first Grand Operation.”

Grand Operations are an evolution of Operations, which first appeared in the previous title in the Battlefield series, WWI-themed Battlefield 1. Each session will be roughly one hour long, and will be broken up into multiple, roughly 20-minute-long matches. Each match will simulate an in-fiction day, helping to tell the story of a much larger battle. Success on day one will carry over into day two, and so on. So, for example, on the first day the Allied side might knock out a few artillery batteries, which will give the Axis side fewer vehicles to fight with on day two. If there’s a tie on day three, day four will be sudden death.

Grand Operations were available for the public to demo in June at Electronic Arts’ annual pre-E3 event, EA Play. Conspicuously, only day two and three of the Grand Operation were there for the public to experience.

Battlefield 5 will have many other modes on day one, including a single-player campaign and a cooperative mode called combined arms. The entire product will be continuously updated for free with new experiences, including new Grand Operations, that tell the unfolding story of WWII over time. For more information, check out our pre-E3 preview of the game.

Battlefield 5 is expected to launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. An early trial of the game will be available to EA Access and Origin Access members on Oct. 11. The deluxe edition of the game will unlock on Oct. 16, with the standard edition coming out on Oct. 19.