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Moss PSVR giveaway

Experience one of the best VR games this year, for free

Moss - Quill looking up in forest Polyarc

Moss is best described as a living storybook. It opens inside a reading room of sorts, where you adopt the role of The Reader. Within minutes, you’re transported inside a giant tome where you meet an adorable mouse named Quill on her journey to save her uncle. As an otherworldly presence, you’ll help Quill navigate through diorama-like puzzles and battle clockwork beetles. It’s a short, charming experience not to be missed.

We have five physical copies of Moss for PlayStation VR to give away. Enter for free below through the contest widget. If you’re viewing this page on mobile, use the hyperlink.

If you can’t enter through the above widget, please use this link to enter.

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