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Steven Universe’s next mobile RPG has you tapping monsters

Get your Steven-fix between episodes with Steven Universe: Tap Together

The big cliffhanger of the latest Steven Universe arc and the Comic-Con movie announcement have us all hungering for more Steven content. The good news is that while waiting for the next episodes and the movie (both of which still have no release date ... ), you can tap away your anticipation in a new Steven Universe mobile game.

Steven Universe: Tap Together is an upcoming tap-based RPG mobile game. Players will summon characters from the show to help tap-battle waves of monsters. The more monsters you battle, the more XP and coins you get to unlock new characters — including minor ones like Sour Cream, Jamie the hot mailman and the totally underrated Mr. Smiley — as well as special abilities. There’s also a real-time multiplayer feature, which makes epic boss battles a friendship-building experience, much in the true spirit of Steven Universe.

The game will be out on Aug. 2 on Android and iOS. It’s free, but as with most mobile games, there will be in-app purchases available. Check out some screenshots below.

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