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Teen Titans Go! to the Movies post-credits hints at classic Teen Titans cartoon’s return

‘We’ve found a way back’

teen titans Warner Bros. Animation/DC Entertainment
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Like all great superhero movies, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies ends with a post-credits scene.

After the credits roll, there’s some shaky footage, and the Teen Titans flash on the screen. The thing is, it’s not the version of the Teen Titans that just appeared in the movie — the cute, goofy, chibi-like Teen Titans Go! designs — but instead, the version of the Teen Titans that starred in the original Cartoon Network show.

“This is the Teen Titans. Can anyone hear us?” says Robin, once the footage stabilizes and all five of the Titans are shown. “We think we’ve found a way back.”

Teen Titans ran for five seasons from 2003 to 2006 on Cartoon Network, and was based on the early 1980s comic seres The New Teen Titans. Teen Titans was not as light-hearted and goofy as its current iteration Teen Titans Go!, but it wasn’t as dark and gritty as DC Universe’s upcoming Titans; instead, it navigated a space between humor and heavier storylines, focusing on the characters’ growths and overarching villains, as well on their friendships and more comical elements. Though the series was widely popular among fans, it was not picked up for a sixth season, which the show’s producer David Slack speculated was either due to the very dark fourth season or Mattel taking over Cartoon Network’s toy deal.

While it has not been confirmed by DC Entertainment or Cartoon Network just what the post-credit scene means, fans are excitedly speculating that the series could be returning for a sixth season.

Tara Strong, who voices Raven in both Teen Titans Go! and the original series, implied in a tweet that a sixth season could happen. Beyond Strong’s tweet and the post-credit scene, however, there has been no official word on whether Cartoon Network is bringing the show back.

But the hopes for and rumors of another season are not entirely unfounded. There’s been a recent surge in previously cancelled Cartoon Network shows getting revivals, whether or not they air on the network itself. Last year, Samurai Jack returned to Adult Swim to finish up its final arc. Stars Wars: The Clone Wars got a surprise announcement for one more season at San Diego Comic-Con. Fans have been rallying for another season of Young Justiceanother fan-favorite DC animated series — for a quite some time, before the announcement that it would debut on DC Universe in 2019. If Teen Titans is coming back, it will join a line-up of beloved shows that were cancelled all too early.

We’ve reached out to Cartoon Network about the post-credit scene and will update accordingly.

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