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Dragon Ball Z’s Adidas collab includes dope Goku sneakers and more

There are going to be two sneaker designs for each of the series’ biggest story arcs

The Adidas ZX500 RM Son Goku sneakers

Sneaker and clothing brand Adidas is reportedly partnering with Dragon Ball Z, one of the most popular anime properties in the world, to collaborate on a new line of sneakers set to release this fall. The line will feature seven unique designs, each modeled after specific DBZ sagas and their characters.

According to sneaker-centric website, the collaboration is set to start in August of 2018 with the release of Son Goku and Frieza-themed sneakers. Starting with these two characters is no surprise, considering theirs is likely the most iconic fight in Dragon Ball Z’s history.

Goku’s sneaker will use the basic design of the Adidas ZX500 RM ...

The Adidas ZX500 RM Son Goku sneakers

... while Frieza’s design is show on the Adidas Yung-1.

The Adidas Yung-1 Frieza sneakers

While these may be Adidas’ first sneakers in the Dragon Ball Z line, they aren’t the only ones we have gotten an early look at. Instagram user storebyjc also gave us a preview at the supposed Cell-themed sneakers as well.

Alongside these three iconic characters, four others are said to be getting their own shoes: Son Gohan from the Cell saga; Vegeta; Majin Buu from the Majin Buu saga; and two shoes for the wish-granting dragon Shenron, whose power is at the heart of the titular dragon balls. Each of these sneakers will reflect the corresponding character’s costume from that particular time in the series, while Shenron will have a green design for his most recognizable form, as well as a gold design for Super Shenron.

While this line has yet to be officially revealed by Adidas, the rollout of the sneakers is said to be starting sometime later this month. Polygon has reached out to Adidas for confirmation.

Update: Adidas has responded to Polygon stating, “we cannot address rumors about adidas products.”

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