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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta trailer teases battle royale mode

Fans can test out Call of Duty’s new Blackout mode for the first time in September

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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta starts later this week, and the event’s launch trailer has a lot to show off. On top of some of the franchise’s new features, the trailer gives us our first look at Blackout, Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode.

Blackout mode only shows up for about 15 seconds in the trailer, but there’s plenty we can learn from the brief glimpses we saw. First of all, the trailer seems to focus on two groups of players, each with four people. This likely means that the mode will have a variety of play options, allowing people to play Blackout at least solo or as a part of a squad.

Another notable part of the trailer is how different the characters look from the operators that will be playable in the main multiplayer mode. Instead, Blackout’s characters seem highly customizable; we see someone in a leather duster, as well as shirts and pants with different prints that depart from the military theme all together. Also visible — very briefly — is what appears to be a female character model. While these could just be operators we hadn’t seen yet, it seems much more likely that Blackout will allow players to create their own custom characters to use in the mode.

The trailer concludes with the reveal that the Blackout beta will be out in September, though there’s no information about whether or not players who have access to the multiplayer beta will be included in the Blackout beta as well.

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