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Donut County is finally coming this summer

What the hole is going on

We’ve all been in a hole. But have we ever been a hole?

Tattletail creator Ben Esposito channels a reverse Katamari Damacy with his newest game. In Donut County, out Aug. 28, that’s what you are: a hole in the ground. You can move around, swallowing pebbles or tiny blades of grass, and the more you consume, the bigger the hole becomes. Soon, you’ll be devouring motorcycles, playgrounds, even entire houses.

In addition to generally ruining the lives of animal inhabitants everywhere, you’ll have to solve puzzles using only the hole and the power of gravity. All the characters who were affected by this catastrophe are stuck deep below the Earth’s surface, huddled around a campfire. They pepper in jokes as they take turns sharing their tragic experiences with the mysterious hole. Where did the hole come from? Why did this raccoon ruin everything?

After being announced in 2014, the long-awaited indie title will hit iOS, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.