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New details about Anthem emerge with a 20-minute annotated playthrough

Raids will allow players to join on the fly, accommodate players of virtually any level

BioWare’s Mark Darrah, executive producer for Anthem, dropped a nearly 20-minute chunk of gameplay today on Twitter. Narrated by BioWare lead producer Ben Irving, it sheds new light on how raids will work in the game. The clip, which we’ve embedded above, focuses on a four-player assault on an enemy base. So-called “stronghold missions” will be one type of raid available to players in Anthem, the multiplayer loot shooter scheduled for release on Feb. 22, 2019.

Irving said that once players discover a stronghold, they can launch multiplayer raids at any time. Players can elect to take them on in small groups with up to four players, and can add others to the party once a raid is in progress. Irving said that players of any level will be able to participate together in the same instance. The clip even showed a group of level 30 players teaming up with a level 1 newbie.

DIn the video, strongholds are described as a “long-form adventure” that takes well over 20 minutes to complete. (The clip cuts out a section for the sake of time.) The payoff comes at the end, with players working together to corner and assault a massive arachnoid enemy called the Swarm Tyrant. Boss fights, at least what we’ve been shown so far, feel more like the dynamic, evolving engagements common in the Dark Souls series rather than the arduous back-and-forth battles common to the Destiny games.

Irving teased a few other features in the video, too. Anthem will feature “emergent world events,” including a massive “titan” creature that players opt to bypass in the video since it’s too powerful for them to take on. He also revealed that the game will support player-run clans, but did not go into detail.

Anthem is expected to launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. For everything we know, check out our feature story from this year’s E3.

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