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Musical mashup game DropMix is on sale for $30 at Best Buy

The starter set is usually $100

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Calling all amateur DJs: the starter set for music gaming system DropMix is on clearance at Best Buy for $30. Usually $100, the Best Buy price cut offers a whopping 70 percent off.

DropMix, a collaboration between game maker Harmonix and toy company Hasbro, is a little hard to categorize. It’s definitely a music game with a unique peripheral, in the vein of fellow Harmonix series Rock Band. There’s also a Yu-Gi-Oh-style trading card element that can be upgraded with booster packs. You play via an app on your phone so maybe it’s a mobile game? The difficulty in figuring out what exactly this game is, combined with the $100 price tag, may have kept DropMix from getting the kind of buzz its small-but-passionate fanbase thinks it deserves.

Players in DropMix compete or collaborate to create musical mashups by playing color-coded cards that represent part of a song (the vocals from “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence for example) in the corresponding slot on the game board. In competitive play, teams earn points by placing cards over opponents’ to mess up their mix, while the cooperative “Party Mode” has players complete prompts that appear on a phone screen (via a free app) like playing a level three card or removing all the yellow cards. You can also just mess around in freestyle mode to create your own funky mixes without having to learn how to use GarageBand.

Best Buy’s price drop might give curious gamers an excuse to finally try out the DropMix system. The starter set includes the game board and a base deck of 60 cards. Booster packs are on clearance as well for $3.49 (usually $4.99).

The discount is coming “with Season 2 of DropMix on the Horizon,” according to a tweet from the game’s official account. Season 2 was announced at PAX East this year, and expected to include new songs to mix with.

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