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Search between movie titles — Fortnite Challenge Location Guide

Struggling to complete the Week 10 Battle Pass challenge? We’ll show you were to go

Guess what, folks? We finally made it! Yes, here we are, in the final week of Fortnite Season 4! If you’re looking to complete all of your challenges, you’ve got seven days left to finish them. Before that, though, you should know there’s a new set of challenges added for the final week, including this tricky one: “Search between movie titles.”

Well that’s trickier than normal! Usually we’re given a little more than that to go on. But worry not, we’ll show you were to head to finish this challenge in a minute.

Fortnite Search between movie titles map
Land here for Fortnite’s “Search between movie titles” challenge
Epic Games via Polygon

You’re heading to a spot that’s east of Junk Junction, and slightly south of a small set of warehouses (one of which currently has a sitcom set filming in it).

Once there, you’re looking for a small patch of dirt that’s just south of the road leading to the warehouses. There aren’t many like it, so it should be pretty easy to spot. As always if you’re having a hard time, just look for a batch of folks heading in the same direction.

Fortnite Search between movie titles location screenshot Epic Games via Polygon

But keep in mind that one of the challenges this week requires 10 eliminations, so I wouldn’t expect everyone to play nice!

Good luck out there and we’ll see you in Season 5.

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