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Pokémon Go’s anniversary event stars the cutest costumed Pikachu yet

Summer-style Pikachu is a lovely birthday present, with hints of another Pokémon to come

Pokémon Go - Pikachu preps for the beach artwork Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go launched two years ago today, which is wild to think about. Over the past 700-plus days, the game has evolved from a simple hunting and catching game to something much deeper. But it hasn’t strayed from what players perhaps like best about Pokémon Go: events that introduce new, adorable Pikachu costumes.

From July 6 through July 31, players can find more Pichu and Pikachu in the wild than usual as part of the second anniversary event. If you’re lucky, those Pikachu will come sporting a very summery look. “Summer Style” Pikachu has dope sunglasses and a lovely straw hat. We are very jealous of its looks.

Players can also buy some Pikachu-themed wear for their avatars. Anyone with a gold Pikachu fan medal can buy all of the item, among them a shirt and Pikachu ears.

Maybe you’re not a hardcore Pikachu fan. (I don’t understand that, but we’ll allow it.) Niantic also teases that something bigger is yet to come as Pokémon Go enters its second year: the introduction of Celebi, a second-gen mythical Pokémon that will be available through completing special research tasks.

There’s no concrete timeframe there, but keep an eye out for Celebi as Pokémon Go Fest nears. It runs in Chicago, Illinois, the weekend of July 14.

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