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Josh Brolin gives blessing to Reddit’s Thanos as 600,000 people prepare for ban

‘Here we go’

Avengers: Infinity War - close-up of Thanos looking down Marvel Studios/Disney

Today may shape up to be one of Reddit’s most historical moments as a subreddit dedicated to shitposting about Thanos prepares to ban half the community — which will amount to more than 300,000 members.

If everything goes as plans, the mass ban will mark the single biggest banning event on Reddit. The radical move has caught the attention of a few key figures, including Josh Brolin, the actor who played Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, who recorded a special message for the subreddit. Infinity War co-director, Joe Russo, posted the message on the ban’s eve.

“Here we go Reddit users,” Brolin said in the video below, followed by a quick snap of his fingers.

The snap is a reference to Thanos’ climactic move in the film. After collecting all six Infinity Stones, Thanos snap his fingers and eliminates half of the universe’s total population. It’s his attempt to balance the universe, leaving those who managed to survive the attack with plenty of food, water and space to exist without having to worry about living in squalor.

People in the subreddit were quick to point out that since co-director Joe Russo posted the video in the forum, he is now subject to being banned. Other Redditors commented that in order for true balance to exist in the subreddit, only one Russo brother can survive the purge; one must live while the other is banished to a separate subreddit for those who didn’t make the final cut.

There still isn’t any precise time for the ban, but the moderators have suggested it will occur sometime later today. There are currently more than 620,000 subscribers waiting.

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