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Xbox Game Pass dashboard revised to show subscribers what’s new

Changes steer users to the best among a library of 200 games

xbox game pass tab on xbox one dashboard Microsoft
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Responding to user feedback, Microsoft has introduced a new and improved interface to the Xbox Games Pass service that it hopes will connect new users to the large catalog of content it has available.

As outlined by Xbox Wire, the new Game Pass tab from the Xbox One’s Home dashboard was added on Monday, and will steer subscribers to what’s new on the service every time they turn on their console. Popular games, new additions and deals, to include downloadable content for Game Pass titles, will also be spotlighted.

The update also removes the Entertainment tab from the Xbox One dash. Entertainment content now exists in the Store tab, and in category tabs for “Microsoft Movies & TV” and “Apps.” The changes came after a beta test back in June that was met with “overwhelmingly positive” feedback, Microsoft said, adding that users also wanted a faster means of connecting to the service.

Prior to the new UI, the most recent changes to Xbox Game Pass include FastStart, which Microsoft said at E3 2018 would allow players to begin playing games twice as quickly after starting their download.

Xbox Game Pass was announced in early 2017 and began the following spring. This year, Microsoft announced that new Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive titles would be available in Xbox Game Pass on the day of their retail launch. The service currently has a library of more than 200 games.