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Rage 2 gameplay showed off in extensive QuakeCon video

This doesn’t seem to be a game that holds much back

Rage 2 was one of E3’s worst-kept secrets this year and, while it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the original game, the combination of brutal violence and splashy colors helped it stand out in a world of otherwise grimdark sequels. You can watch an extended look at the game above, in a video that debuted at QuakeCon 2018.

The standout sequence is a convoy takedown, where you use your vehicle and weapons to battle a line of enemy vehicles that’s led by a powerful, boss-like character. The video also includes a lengthy look at combat, which seems fluid and much faster than in the first Rage.

“Created in part by id Software, Rage 2 has movement and gunplay that handles like the Dallas-based developer’s 2016 reboot of Doom,” our own Chris Plante wrote after playign the game at E3. “At least it feels that way until — time and time again — you come across unsuspecting enemies. Though Rage 2 is by no means a stealth game, the freedom to unleash fury on foes who didn’t know I was there reminded me of the stealthy bits of MachineGames’ reboot of Wolfenstein.”

Rage 2 is expected to launch in spring 2019 and is coming to Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.