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Bethesda gives id’s Tim Willits a little boost during adorable QuakeCon moment

The studio director got some help to look not-so-small next to Rage 2’s game director

Tim Willits, studio director of id Software, isn’t a small man. But next to Rage 2 game director Magnus Nedfors, a man of incredible height, Willits looked ... well, small. Really small. And while there’s no shame in that kind of height difference, Willits’ friends at Bethesda Softworks helped level the playing field in one sweet moment during QuakeCon’s opening keynote.

Willits and Nedfors shared the stage to introduce a new look at Rage 2, which will launch on PC and consoles in 2019. Before they got into the gameplay — or even any discussion of their project — Bethesda’s vice president of PR, Pete Hines, returned to the stage carrying a crate. Tapping Willits on the shoulder, he asked him to pause for one moment before continuing his intro. Hines then placed that crate on the floor directly in front of Willits.

Willits proceeded to step onto it. And thus, the height difference was gone. Mostly. Watch the moment up top.

If you watched Bethesda’s E3 2018 presentation in June, you may remember that Willits and Nedfors were paired up to present Rage 2 there, too. That’s when folks first caught onto how much shorter Willits is than Nedfors. Willits doesn’t seem too salty about it; he was the one who called more attention to it after their stage appearance, tweeting a good joke about the pairing:

Here’s hoping we see this fellowship team up on stage again. QuakeCon 2018 runs through the weekend.