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To celebrate QuakeCon, Rage and Doom are now available on Xbox Game Pass

This is a great way to catch up on both shooters before their sequels arrive

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Doom Eternal Bethesda

Two of id Software’s biggest franchises are on their way to Xbox Game Pass in celebration of QuakeCon 2018, which started on Friday morning. The original Rage and 2016’s Doom are now available to subscribers.

Both Rage and Doom have sequels coming out in the near future that were heavily featured during QuakeCon’s opening keynote. Rage 2 promises to be much bigger and more open than its predecessor. During the convention, id showed off a trailer that included a player assaulting a satellite lab and taking down an armored convoy. Meanwhile, for Doom’s sequel, Doom Eternal, there was a lengthy gameplay segment that showed off the game’s massive scale, new enemies and even a grappling gun that speeds up combat even more.

Both of these games are available now on Microsoft’s subscription service, which allows players to download and play a selection of Xbox games for a flat monthly price. While the first Rage wasn’t exactly the best game ever, Doom might be, and its addition to Game Pass is perfect for anyone who missed out when it was released back in 2016.

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