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Shovel Knight is coming to Rivals of Aether this fall

Video games’ social butterfly makes another cameo appearance

Shovel Knight was revealed earlier this week as an assist trophy for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For those hoping to play as the character himself, though, Rivals of Aether announced that he would join their game soon as a premium DLC.

This makes 21 appearances for Shovel Knight in games not named Shovel Knight, and 14 of them are playable. Dan Fornace llc (makers of Rivals of Aether) and Yacht Club Games (creators of Shovel Knight) announced the premium DLC today. It costs $4.99 and will come with a Troupple Pond stage from his 2014 game.

“Many of his attacks seem simple on first glance but have intricacies in how you can use them, similar to his abilities in his own game,” writes the Rivals of Aether developers. “Shovel Knight’s signature Shovel Drop is a big part of his game plan in Rivals of Aether and sets up for his combos.”

Shovel Knight has now cameoed in others’ video games more than Ted McGinley on 1970s network television. Rivals of Aether, an ensemble-cast fighting game in the mold of Super Smash Bros., launched last year for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

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