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Anime masterpiece Perfect Blue hits US theaters for its 20th anniversary

See the late, great Satoshi Kon’s first feature in the setting it deserves

A woman looks at a seemingly endless array of televisions with pictures of the same woman on it in Perfect Blue GKIDS Films/YouTube

During his all-too-brief filmmaking career, Satoshi Kon had a batting average higher than nearly any director. Perfect Blue, his feature directorial debut, is hailed as one of the most disturbing and captivating anime cult classics of its time. A master of psychological thrillers, Kon went on to write and direct a number of acclaimed projects like Paprika, Millennium Actress and the television series Paranoia Agent.

In light of Perfect Blue’s 20th anniversary next month, 500 movie theaters across the U.S. are giving it the big screen treatment it deserves. GKIDS and Fathom Events are bringing this unforgettable film to select U.S. theaters on Sept. 6 and Sept. 10. Check here for tickets and a list of participating theaters in your area.

Perfect Blue tells the story of a pop star, Mima, who quits singing to pursue a career as an actress. But not everyone is ready to see her leave the musical spotlight. After taking on a recurring role on a popular TV show, things start to go wrong — her handlers and co-workers turn up dead, one by one. A stalker is closing in on Mima, and she descends into a frenzied paranoia.