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Report: Fortnite’s rifts will soon close

Fortnite’s sky could be about to go through even more changes

Fortnite - skydiving into the island Epic Games via Polygon

The cracks in Fortnite’s sky have been around for so long that it almost seems like they’ve always been there, but it now sounds like they’ll be closing in the next few days, based on a recent data mine.

The Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks twitter account has had great success sharing this sort of scoop based on data mining the existing game data, and it has posted a picture of the reduced rifts. The rifts will reportedly be closed completely by the 21st of this month, according to their findings.

The rifts themselves were the result of an in-game rocket launch, a spectacular event that led to widespread peace in the game for a few moments as people watched — with some exceptions, of course. They were the in-universe reason that some items were able to move between the world of Fortnite and our world, leading to some weird situations.

But now it looks like they’re going away, even though the next season doesn’t begin until Sept. 17, if the in-game countdown is accurate. This will be a big change in the game’s sky looks, and the shift will likely lead into season six in some way. We’re in the strange position of knowing that something is going to happen, but not why it’s happening.

We may start seeing some new, mysterious events move the story forward as the rifts close; as of today, there aren’t many clues about where season six might be taking us.

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