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Gone Home heads to Nintendo Switch for its fifth anniversary

One of the best games of the decade moves into a new house

Gone Home is making its Nintendo console debut later this month, publisher Annapurna Interactive announced today, the game’s fifth birthday. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will head to the platform’s eShop next Thursday, Aug. 23.

A Wii U port of Fullbright’s (née The Fullbright Company) debut project was planned back in 2014, but never materialized. Instead, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players were the first to receive Gone Home: Console Edition in early 2016.

Although it’s been a half decade since Gone Home launched, its influence continues to reverberate through the story-heavy adventure game genre. Gone Home was not the first experimental exploration game; similarly introspective titles, like The Chinese Room’s Dear Esther from 2012, predate it. But Gone Home’s combination of a defined aesthetic, a memorable setting and queer thematic content helped it stand out as more than a great game: It was revelatory.

Polygon named it our Game of the Year in 2013, meaning we’ve all played it at least once before, for the most part. But the Nintendo Switch should lend Gone Home an increased sense of intimacy, particularly in handheld mode. Imagine combing through that lonely house with the smaller screen inches from your face. That’s a version of this unique experience that we’re excited to try when it launches next week.