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Mario Tennis Aces Nintendo Switch bundle throws in 1-2-Switch for free

The fight for the holiday season has begun!

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Nintendo Switch bundle with Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2-Switch Nintendo

Nintendo wants to sell everyone a Switch, even if your family already has one, and a new bundle from Walmart offers what might be one of the best deals for the system. If you don’t have a Switch yet or want a second one for the house, this may be the time to jump in.

The bundle retails for $359.99, and includes the following:

The Switch by itself retails for $299.99, Mario Tennis Aces goes for $59.99, and 1-2-Switch is still going for $39.99 or more, so the real question you have to ask yourself — if you’re already sold on the system and Mario Tennis — is whether you’d like a free copy of 1-2-Switch as well. It’s a decent multiplayer game that helps to show off what the Switch can do, and it probably should have been a bundled game from the beginning. We’re happy Nintendo has finally gotten there, however.

The bundle goes on sale exclusively at Walmart on Sept. 5.

Nintendo is explicitly positioning this bundle as a way to get your Christmas shopping started early, so get ready for the competition to also perhaps begin the savings with their own bundles in the near future. August feels a bit early to start thinking about the holidays, but here we are. It’s never too early for video games.

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