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Hamsterdam is a rodent beat-’em-up about crimes

Red light district, here we come

It’s time to deliver the swift hammer of justice. It’s time to become ... a hamster. Muse Games, the studio behind steampunk multiplayer shooter Guns of Icarus Online, launched a Kickstarter campaign for its newest title, Hamsterdam. According to lead animator Derek Chow, the team at Muse Games is “inspired by 80’s [sic] kung-fu movies... the perspectives of The Wire... Amsterdam in the famed Pulp Fiction scene, and... Ratatouille.”

You play as Pimm, a skilled martial artist who also happens to be a hamster. Pimm is on the warpath after a rodent gang took over his hometown and kidnapped his grandfather. It’s your job to take to the streets and cleanse Hamsterdam of nasty crimes and libations. The ultimate goal is to get to the red light district, where boss Marlo the Chinchilla awaits.

Hamsterdam - the dirty streets Muse Games/YouTube

Gameplay is best described as classic arcade brawling mixed with rhythm game mechanics. Depending on the platform, combat will also include gestural movements and swipes to attack. There are a total of three city maps to unlock levels in, boss battles featuring scooters and moves to master.

But more importantly, you can accessorize your hamster.

Hamsterdam - customizing Pimm Muse Games/YouTube

Muse Games is looking to bring Hamsterdam to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC.