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Battlefield 5’s latest trailer teases its battle royale mode

Plus tank combat showcased in a tailer full of everything

Battlefield 5’s latest trailer, for Gamescom, arrived today. Players got a view of just about everything, from tanks climbing over the rubble of a bombed-out city, to the aerial combat already shown off at E3, to the varied locales in multiplayer, and even a little bit of melee combat.

Titled “Devastation of Rotterdam,” the video gives a look at that city, bombed out during The Battle of the Bulge, and a scene in Norway. The video closes out with a brief look at the upcoming battle royale mode, too.

The last trailer Electronic Arts put out for Battlefield 5, during the Xbox keynote presentation at E3 2018, explored the game’s “War Story” campaign mode. An official multiplayer trailer shown at EA Play also announced and showed off the battle royale mode.

Battlefield 5 is, actually, the sixth Battlefield of the main series, and the 13th if you count spinoffs. It’s launching Oct. 19 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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