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NASCAR Heat 3 promises better handling in a contact motorsport

Taps and bumps won’t get out of hand, developers say

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Stock car racing returns to video games for a third straight year when NASCAR Heat 3 returns on Sept. 7. This video, from publisher 704 Games, lays out some of the broader vision for the latest game.

We’ve seen (or at least heard) of the expanded role dirt tracks will play in the game, particularly the career mode, but here Sean Wilson, the game’s executive producer (and a veteran of EA Sports’ old NASCAR series) is talking more about things like handling, realism in the pits, and driver AI.

Furthermore, user handling will be tightened up, particularly when banging on other drivers in close-quarters racing, so that everything doesn’t devolve to a pileup from contact common to this type of motorsport.

Another big user assist should be a series of nine presets graded for how they affect the car’s stability versus speed. These should give both novices and less knowledgeable fans a feel of control and modification over their rides without guessing at what technical adjustments do what. Full setup customization is still available for hardcore racers who know what they want.

A practice line and some other features tuning up the game’s presentation and career mode interactions also help polish up what’s gone from a gamble to a remarkably resilient series with a dedicated fanbase. More about the career mode can be seen in this video from last week.

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