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Nintendo eShop update gives Monster Hunter fans a chance to try its Switch debut

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate isn’t out yet, but your first taste is already here

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate screenshot Capcom

We’re in peak “doldrums of summer” time, just ahead of the more overwhelming fall gaming season. Nonetheless, Nintendo Switch eShop has a handful of downloads to check out before September, including a preview of the first Switch game from a huge franchise.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a Nintendo Switch version of the expansion to 2016’s Nintendo 3DS entry in the series. That game, Monster Hunter Generations, received praise from what was back then a smaller fanbase — a dedicated niche that already knew the Monster Hunter ropes. Things have changed since then, however, as Monster Hunter: World introduced a swath of newcomers to Capcom’s action-RPG franchise.

Don’t expect to easily jump into Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate if you’ve already sunk hundreds of hours into World. Get ready for a steep learning curve, in part due to way more hunting styles, monsters and even loading screens to deal with. It will take some time to unlearn your Monster Hunter: World habits if you’re eager to become dedicated to another Monster Hunter game. Thankfully, this one’s on Switch, so at least you can carry it around with you if you really want to be serious about Generations Ultimate.

The full game won’t launch until Aug. 28, but a demo is on eShop now. As Redditors have pointed out, it includes single-player and both online and local multiplayer; there are also a trio of quests, 14 weapons and six different ways to hunt.

As for what else is on Switch this week? We’re fans of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ previous iterations, including its PlayStation VR version; that’s a high-anxiety party game that seems apt for Switch. The full list is below:

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