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Bungie to overhaul Destiny 2’s competitive multiplayer, make rare gun more accessible

This should make Competitive a bit more bearable when Forsaken is released


After a tumultuous season of competitive PvP, Bungie is overhauling the game mode for Destiny 2: Forsaken. Many of the changes that frustrated players in season 3 — such as the removal of the radar — will be rectified when season 4 launches this September. Bungie has even gone back on its word regarding the exclusivity of the Redrix’s Claymore, although with a minor caveat.

While there are plenty of important changes coming to the PvP systems in Forsaken, senior Crucible designer Kevin Yanes detailed the most important first: Bungie is re-tuning the Competitive mode grind. The weekly reward points will now always apply correctly and give players even more than before, while match-to-match points for both losses and wins will become more player-friendly.

The competitive mode will also be a bit less punishing and more interesting. Radar will be re-enabled in all competitive matches, and the quickplay game modes of Control and Clash have also been added into the rotation. Loss streaks — which punished players particularly hard if they were having a bad night — will be removed completely.

As Destiny 2 is primarily a loot-driven game, the rewards for Crucible will also see a significant upgrade. The pinnacle rewards — like the Redrix’s Claymore in season 3 — will now drop from quests, not a simple rank unlock. While these quests may ask players to reach a certain rank, it seems as though there will be more to it than a simple grind.

Redrix’s Claymore — a weapon that only 8,750 Destiny 2 players had as of Aug. 2 — will no longer be earnable in season 3. However, Bungie will offer players a chance at Redrix’s Broadsword, a gun with “a similar talent arrangement,” according to Yanes. While the gun will always have the same two signature perks as Claymore — Outlaw and Desperado — various other aspects of Broadsword will be eligible for random rolls after being initially earned. The pinnacle quest for Redrix’s Broadsword and other Crucible weapons like it will not be retired after each season.

For players who worked hard to grind for Redrix’s Claymore during season 3, Bungie is offering an exclusive emblem, in-game Triumph achievement and the ability to skip the Redrix’s Broadsword quest in Forsaken, gaining instant access to the new gun. Bungie also clarified that the two guns will also have different lore from each other.

Destiny 2: Forsaken will be released for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on Sept. 4. Season 4 will kick off the same day.

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