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Pokémon Go adds Regirock to complete a lackluster legendary Raid trio

Regirock, the third in the set of Hoenn-region legendaries, is now in Raid Battles

Regirock in the Pokémon anime The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go’s summer of the Regi-trio — Regice, Registeel and Regirock — is coming to a close. Raid Battles featuring Regirock, the rock-type legendary Pokémon native to the Hoenn region, are now in-game through mid-September.

The rock-type (duh) Regirock takes the place of Registeel (a steel-type), the most recent timed-exclusive legendary to post up at gyms worldwide. Neither Registeel nor Regice (guess which type it is?), the first of these legendaries to enter Pokémon Go, drummed up much fanfare. Pokémon Go’s meta doesn’t have much of a need or place for the group, and capturing them in Pokémon Go is less interesting than the challenge to catch them in their debut games.

Regirock, which has the same high defense as the other two Regis, first appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire. Players had to complete a puzzle that required them to translate Braille so that they could open the room in which Regirock hid. Beyond that unique discovery method, however, Regirock fails to generate much interest.

It will only hang around Pokémon Go until Sept. 20, if you don’t see a place for Regirock in your fighting team and just want one for the Pokédex. Get to battling while you still can.