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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds new gun in first ‘Fix PUBG’ update

There’s also a new scooter coming to Sanhok

a guy dropping from the plane in PUBG PUBG Corp.

Last week, PUBG Corp., the developers behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, unveiled a development road map that it called “Fix PUBG.” This plan included a thorough and ambitious list of in-game technical improvements to make PUBG more playable, smoother and less buggy. Today, the first of those changes were put into patch notes and are being prepared for live servers as a part of PUBG PC update 20.

Before we get to the technical fixes, let’s take a look at some of the additions to the game. They might be the last we see for a while as the developers focus on fixing things, rather than adding them, during the Fix PUBG initiative.

First of all, a new gun is coming to all three maps. The gun is called the Beryl M762 and, as its name suggests, it uses 7.62mm ammunition. Unlike the other common gun of this type, the AKM, the Beryl can use stability attachments, which should make it a little more accurate than the AKM.

The other addition to PUBG coming in this patch: scooters. Yep, soon you’ll be able to zip around Sanhok by scooter. The new vehicle will replace motorbikes on Sanhok and will only be used on that map.

As for the gameplay fixes that are on the way, this patch is pretty light, but it’s in line with what PUBG Corp. laid out earlier this month. There are a few bug fixes including one for the frustrating issue that caused players’ loot boxes to clip under the map in Miramar. But the primary addition in this patch, as was promised, is a more fully featured reporting system.

With this new reporting system, players can report teammates suspected of cheating, as well as enemies who didn’t show up on the kill screen properly. More importantly, there’s now a new system in place that will notify players every time action is taken against a player they report. While this may sound insignificant, it play an important role in helping players feel like their reports matter and are actually being handled, rather than simply ignored.

This patch went live on the PUBG Test Server on Aug. 16 and will be released onto live servers after a brief testing period.

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